Working as a developmental psychologist for many years, drs. Alexandra van Luijken-Halley, founded InterVision. InterVision is a foundation that organizes special projects for youngster and their families with that extra need. Promoting a healthy life-style is combined with learning about nature, as well as simply having fun together!

Besides Alexandra, the leading team of the foundation consist of Ms. Wendy Visser, educational specialist and drs. Carmencita Chemont, clinical psychologist.

The projects are mostly focusing on the youth, social skills and the importance of nature and protection of the environment.

- Nature Explorer: bringing knowledge and experiencing nature first hand with an interactive program, for children from   8-12 years.

- Educational Guidance: offering special tutoring to children with difficulties with learning.

- Therapeutic Horsebackriding: this specialized variation of animal assisted therapy is proven to be very effective. The program is directed towards persons with a mental or physical disability and to children’s with behavior problems. Our horses offer a wonderful adding to the skills and physical possibilities of all participants.

The special projects are always looking for financial support through businesses, clubs and funding agencies.

If you might be interested to become an volunteer and join in one of the projects, please let us know.