Natural horsemanship

Offering horses as much freedom as possible fits the horse natural behavior. Horses live in groups and graze, while walking long distances. The group of 50 horses at Seaside Nature Park are kept in large paddocks in the night and are offered freedom during the day, by rotationschedule, in the 30 acres of the park.The groups are divided into smaller subgroups with their own pack-order. Observing the horses we can tell you all about each individual horse character and place in the group. Eventhough they work for their food, our horses are happy and very horse-like. An additional advantage is the adding to safety.

Our horses are very much used to eachothers closeness and we respect the packorder in organizing the groupsrides. Many visitors to the park come and enjoy the view of the roaming horses on the hillside and feeding them a carrot or an apple.