About Us

The importance of nature is not to be questioned. Respecting nature equals to respecting life. And there is always more to learn. Besides the important fact that plants and trees return oxygen to the air, research shows that spending time in nature improves health.

At Seaside Nature Park we are striving to create an environment, whereby enjoyment of nature is combined with fun and family time!

Our philosophy can be found back in the development of the park, giving back to nature and creating harmony with nature.

Unique on Sint Maarten is that most of the structures found in the park are made of reclaimed wood. Trying to do our part, our beach bar and grill is working with items from GOOD2GO. These biodegradable products fit right into the care for nature and making the right choices.

Part of the parks activities is the planting corner. Many trees and plants are put in the ground on a yearly base. Last year, the start was made with a small vegetable garden.

Many more initiatives are ready to be launched and to let the park flourish!