It has been many years ago that Roderick Halley started his professional riding stable. Having had his own horses from a little boy, Roderick naturally evolved his love for horses into a profession, offering the wonderful experience of riding horses under the Caribbean sun. His riding stables have evolved into a complete park concept, whereby the promotion, education and experience of nature, culture and history is placed centrally.

roderick halley

Roderick, founder and owner

Offered the chance by the Bell family to turn their estate into a beautiful park and let the old days live again of the family’s forefathers former cattle farm. The 30-acres pristine nature offers a rich historical and cultural value. Even though adjacent to the utilities company, Seaside Nature Park’s green has never been touched. The trails are designed and integrated into the existing landscape. Horses and other small pet-animals roam free and many small eco systems are flourishing. Finding the iguanas, mongoose, lizards and many birds species alone is an adventure. Roderick has been awarded several times for the Seaside Nature Park and his contribution to the community. The park is especially proud for the award for outstanding environmental Achievement.

An important reason for the creation of the nature park is: Lucky Stable St. Maarten. Besides the wonderful horseback riding tours for all levels of riders, the stables offer horseback riding lessons for locals, competitions, showgroups and organizes many horse related events.

The group of 50+ horses are kept in the park according to the principles of natural horsemanship. Being trained in Spain, Roderick is greatly inspired by the Spanish Domo Classica and Domo Vaquera riding style.

Developing the park step by step, the Bell’s Estate is turned into an unique nature reserve on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten.

Being a great source of information, Roderick enjoys walking the trails of the park with the older generation of local plant, tree – and animal experts. Calling himself a native, being family of many generations Sint Maarteners, Roderick is a true son of the soil. He himself grew up in Cay Bay and explored the island’s nature with his horse. Living such a great youth, he hopes he can offer the same experience to the visitors of his park.

Looking at the horses in the park, it is amazing to realize that his first stallion Lucky, is the proud great grand sire of many of the horses walking around in the park today. Having kept close track of the bloodlines, Roderick’s horses have a family tree registration to be requested as Antilliano’s. Seaside Nature Park’s horses are well known for their noble characteristics.

Roderick is locally known as ‘horseman’ and can often be seen riding his horse anywhere on the island, joined by his wife Alexandra van Luijken-Halley and their friends on horse. Alexandra is a developmental psychologist who is embracing the space of the park for many social projects and outdoor challenges. Alexandra is trained in the English dressage and mostly enjoys recreational and showgroup riding. Both Roderick and Alexandra love the outdoor life and are looking forward to sharing their experience with you.