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Seaside Nature Park Promotional Video

We are super proud to show you our new promotional video, showcasing Sint Maarten, the cruise ships, Point Blanche terminal and Great Bay as well as extensive coverage of our park, the horses and animals and our brand new riding ring where we continue our riding lessons after hurricane Irma destroyed the ring completely last year.

Very special thanks to Maarten Rood of “Maarten Like St Maarten” and everyone that helped us and ‘starred’ in the movie: Jasper Nijenhuis, Vera Verbruggen, Cloty Tavernier, Amber Tavernier, Alexandra Halley-van Luijken, Oriana Gumbs.

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Job Opening: Pet Farm Staff

We looking for staff for our pet farm at Seaside Nature Park.

You will be in charge of the care for the animals, organising events, hosting field trips and do small repairs. It’s a hands-on job, outdoor job.

If interested, get in touch with us.

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Job Opening: Group Photographer

Seaside Nature Park is looking for a tour group photographer who can take pictures of the guests in our horseback riding tours.

For each tour you will photograph

  1. the group,
  2. an overview picture of the location and the seaside (for example),
  3. some scenery and animals if the occasion arises,
  4. a shot with the guests in the water on the horses
  5. and individual or couple shots of each guest party.

Pictures will be taken with equipment available on premise, no camera needed. Pictures are transfered as a package to guests either on SD card or to their mobile phones using our equipment.

No Photoshop skills needed!

Horses in the sea with guests
Horseback riding group in the sea with their horses

Work is dependent on booked tours, throughout the day. Pay is given per day, independent of the number of tours you’re working.