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New Email Services

We have recently made some changes on the computer side of our park.

We are using a new Email provider, Google GSuite. You should not experience any problems Emailing us but things are handled a little different now. Please bare with us while we get used to our new Email services and get familiarized with all the new features.

If you notice any Emails not being delivered, please notify us by phone, SMS or WhatsApp at our usual numbers. These have not changed. That way we can take appropriate action and correct delivery of Emails.

Also please stop using any of our old Email addresses on Yahoo, Live or Gmail!

Only use our addresses which end with our domain name

That way we can stop using these old services and we won’t miss any important Email you may send!

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We are participating again this year in SXM DOET… This time to get help restoring the children’s petting zoo aka “Discovery Farm” to the state it was in before hurricane Irma hit in 2017.

Beautification by painting the paddocks & houses, painting the classroom building in the farm, planting of new plants, seedlings & trees, general gardening & clean up.

There are two days you can choose to help out: Friday or Saturday. Both days are from 10:00AM to 4:00PM but you are not required to stay the whole time.

If you are coming, please wear something to protect you from the sun and bring (reef-safe) sunscreen. Also, wear solid, comfortable shoes as the ground is sloped and rocky with loose rocks all around. Watch your steps!

Sign up directly here: SXM DOET