Discovery Farm

Our pet farm or “petting zoo” is basically a group of animals living outdoors in a natural environment. Children can interact with them and feed them, even go into the pen and touch the animals if they let them.

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kids at pet farm
Group of children at our pet farm

We have:

  • potbellied pigs
  • goats
  • a sheep
  • donkeys
  • horses (of course)
  • peacocks
  • turkeys
  • chicken

The farm is situated on a side of the park and various sized pens house different animals. Adjacent is a small playground with slides, a seesaw, plastic play castle and almost life-sized plastic wild animals such as a giraffe, gorilla, snake and so on.

We highly recommend the children wear closed, solid sturdy shoes such as old sneakers or boots as the landscape is on an incline and there are many loose rocks and dirt. Slipping is a certainty, the question is when not if.