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Intervision Foundation receives grant to start pet farm

source: smn-news

Alexandra van Luijcken-Halley from the Intervision Foundation happily received a cheque from the Cooperating Foundations of the Dutch Caribbean for the set up of a pet farm at Seaside Nature Park with miniature animals. It is the intention to create a low-cost activity area for children, which will also teach children how to treat animals. Kids will be able to go into the paddock and pet small bred chickens, goats, horses and work in a vegetable garden.

Angela Dekker from Cooperating Foundations explained that the funding agency wanted to support this initiative because of two strong elements:

  • St. Maarten really needs an inexpensive place where families can spend time with their children, and
  • children can learn about nature and have fun.

Furthermore, Intervision came up with many creative ways of making the miniature farm self-sustainable. Prins Bernard Culture Fonds was also charmed by the initiative and has already granted the other half of the start-up costs. Soon, miniature horse Skippy will be joined by fellow miniature animals and children will be able to drive a small horse cart or plant tomatoes.