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Let us know if you had a great time!

We were happy to see so many of you last week during the reopening of our discovery farm aka petting zoo. It has taken us almost 2 years to rebuild the damages Irma did to our farm but the result is truly amazing. We’ve already said that…

child feeding duck
Feeding the duckies in the pond

If you had a great time with your children at the Discovery Farm this weekend and if you think it is a place that more parents should visit with their children so they can also have a good time and experience more and learn more… then please leave us a review on Google Maps by clicking this link.

Let us know what your favorite part was. The playground, the mini horses, the donkeys, the animals roaming freely (did you see that gorgeous peacock?!) or the fact the children can get so up close and personal with the animals and their young (depending on season of course)?