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Relaxing yoga at the sea

Our yoga classes are starting again next Monday, September 3rd. Schedule is the same as last season: Monday evening and Friday morning.

Please sign up and let us know you are interested.

Here is a photo impression of what classes are like. And should you want to bring a (newborn) baby, feel free to do so in our Friday morning classes!

activities, news, yoga

Yoga classes for mothers

Did you recently give birth to a baby boy or girl? Have you found no time for some exercise or sports in your busy schedule of work, feeding, daycare, groceries and everything else?

Would you like to do some basic yoga, get back into some low-impact exercise and help regain your figure a little faster? Our seaside yoga class with babies is something you may like!

We have several mothers join our class and bring their (newborn) baby to class. The calm atmosphere and the soothing sea noises help calm babies down and most often, there is no problem at all. Should your baby get excited or scared because of what you are doing, you are right there and can quickly calm the baby down. Try it!

Classes are starting again on September 3rd. Sign up for the classes on Friday morning and bring your baby, see how it goes. Who knows, the baby might like it better than you!