Seaside Nature Park is an unique place on the small island of Sint Maarten. 30 acres of unspoiled nature awaits you, a stone’s throw away from the high density development that characterizes Sint Maarten. Surrounded on one side by the storage facilities for oil and water, the rustic facilities of the park will make you forget it all!

A former plantation, Seaside Nature Park brings back the ‘old days’ to their visitors. The Lucky Stables, the nature trails for horses and hikers, the beach and the beachside pavilion, a playground and pet farm offer a variety of activities for the whole family in a simple and unique set up.

Almost all animals at Seaside are open for an encounter. Hand-feeding the ducks, petting the miniature horses, nibbling goats, admiring the peacock or spotting the iguana, a joy for young and old. Not to mention what about these free roaming horses in the park?

A private initiative, the park stands for the importance of education about nature. Preservation and environmental care are part of the objectives that are imbedded in our message: Care for Nature, Care for Sint Maarten!

Being continuously in the process of improving, the Seaside Nature Park is proud to have received an award at the 5th Crystal Pineapple Awards by the SHTA for Outstanding Environmental Achievement!

girl and pony

We went with the kids, visit the farm and we got a horse tour with the kids around. The kids like it a lot, specially when the horses went on the beach. The place is by the electricity power plant, which is not nice, but the beach looked good.

Source TripAdvisor, February 2017

Nice please to go with the kids!

horses in sea

I booked this trip thru the hotel tour company and I’m glad we did. Remi was our tour guide and there were 7 people total. What I like is that they keep you in smaller groups so there aren’t too many people on the tour. Remi was funny, super informative, and always checking on us to make sure we were comfortable. He brought us on their trails with breathtaking views of other islands from atop sea cliffs. We even saw St Bart’s.

Remi was also an oracle of information about the island and generalities. The ranch itself is fun to walk around too with peacocks, pigs, turkeys, ducks, iguanas , and dogs on the property. The horses all roam free about the island and come back to the park.what is amazing about the seaside nature park is that during the hurricane irma the owners had to decide what to do with the horses.they decided to let them stay free so the horses could stick together as a herd and keep each other safe. By doing this they used their instinct to hunker down in the storm. All 70 of them survived the catastrophic hurricane together!

The best part was finishing off with a ride in the water. Remi asked if anyone wanted to go deeper in the water with him while he will assist you and the horse it is very cool make sure you do it.

source TripAdvisor, May 2018

These horses survived the hurricane!